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26.07.2013 - The 6th Interbrigadas Soli Alley cat 2013 – a Review

Two weeks ago the 6th Interbrigadas Soli bicycle race took place in the streets of Berlin. In a sunny afternoon 68 participants got on their bikes to cycle through Berlin and solve many creative tasks. At more or less 10 checkpoints they drew portraits, sang karaoke and answered quizzes. [more]

14.07.2013 - Publication: Caracas, socializing city

We would like to recommend this book, to which contributed one of our members (Luzie Matting): Since the late 90s the capital of Venezuela Caracas has undergone a profound process of transformation. In line with the "Bolivarian Revolution" local and public institutions try to implement new urban politics together with the population. [more]

04.07.2013 - 6. "Interbrigadas Soli-Alleycat" on 13.07

On 13.07. Interbrigadas organizes the 6th "Interbrigadas Soli-Alleycat." Alleycat is a bicycle race along the streets of Berlin. Anyone with a bike can participate. It's not about speed, but about fun and especially solidarity with the work of our association. [more]

25.04.2013 - Next stop: Socialismo 21!? - Venezuela after Chavez

Evenings of information and debate in Berlin and Jena in May

On May 5 Hugo Rafel Chávez Frías's 14-year-long period of office as president of Venezuela was ended by his death. For the creation of diverse social programmes and the broad establishment of elements of participative democracy "el Comandante" had been seen as a symbol of by many. [more]

20.04.2013 - declaration of solidarity for the recognition of Venezuela's election results in Berlin

On Wednesday evening German and Latin American activists have declared their solidarity with the newly elected Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, in Berlin. On Pariser Platz in front of Brandenburger Gate different speakers expressed their recognition of Maduro, who was elected on Sunday with little more than 50% of the votes. [more]

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